EOC Student Instructions

2011-12 DP Visual Arts Year 1 END OF COURSE

All students will be assessed on their completion of Required IB Visual Art Exam Elements by the posted deadline.


*YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A GRADE FOR PARTIAL COMPLETION OF THIS ASSESSMENT.  Your Exam will not be graded until completely submitted.

Start here:

1.    Make sure you have a folder in your flash drive (USB)
  • Titled “yourfirstname-lastinitialEOC” (example: Audrey-cEOC)
  • If you do not have a flash drive make it on the desktop of the computer you are using.  (You can save it on your partner’s or mine at the end of class for now)

2.    Download your template and type your artist’s statement.

  • Click the link to Download your CRB “CRB (aka.portfolio) Template Download
  • Open the download in Word.
  • Save As “yourfirstname-lastinitialCRB.docx” in your folder (example: Audrey-cCRB.docx)
  • Fill in your Name and school student ID number on the first page and Save your changes.
  • Look at page 2.  Type your final Artist Statement here.
  • Save any changes and Close Word

3.    Download photos from Flickr.

  • Click on the link “Photos on Ms. Cisneros’ Flickr
  • This will open my Flickr in a new tab.
  • Find the photos of your works and complete these steps one at a time.
    • Click on the thumbnail.
    • This will open the photo larger.
    • Click on the dropdown menu that says “Actions” and select “view all sizes”
    • This will open the photo larger.
    • Click the size that says “Medium 800”
    • Drag this image into your folder on your flash drive.
4.    Crop your photos

All File Downloads:

CRB (aka.portfolio) Template Download

Photos on Ms. Cisneros’ Flickr

Helpful Documents:

Rubric Checklist


How to Write an Artist Statement + Dos and Don’ts

How to set up your folder and download files & photos

Studio Work Title List

How to Edit your Photo in Preview

IB Rubrics

Studio Work Rubric

Investigation Workbook Rubric




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